Course Overview

The Development Coaches online course follows on from the Intro to Coaching Seminars and introduces further coaching concepts in preparation for the Development Coaches Certification on-snow. It is aimed at working with children of any age that are working towards competing, be it at a regional or national level.

This online course is a prerequisite to attending the Development Coaches Certification and must be successfully completed 48hrs before the first day on snow.

You may take this course at your own pace, starting and stopping as you choose. It is recommended to work through the content over a number of weeks or months. Your course progress will be saved as you move through each module and topic. There are quizzes at the end of each module, which must be attempted in one go.

Course Format

This course is divided into four different modules, shown below.

Each module has several topics to work through and a quiz at the end to check your understanding. Topics must be completed prior to taking quizzes. At the end of each topic click the “Mark Complete” button to continue.

You must pass all quizzes with a score of 80% or greater to complete the online course. Each quiz may be retaken as many times as necessary.